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Jake Middleton, Trainer & Coach 

Jake Middleton is the founder of eSports Performance Lab and a personal trainer that specializes in physical training methods for eSports athletes. His eSports Performance Lab is an online business that provides a free training service designed to help eSports players of all levels with their physical training. Along with the training service, Jake creates content that can help players improve their health and performance. He has been working with players and teams while doing eSports performance research for the past four years. He has completed a research study on the effects of exercise programming on competitive video game performance and has worked on spreading ideas about the importance of fitness and physical training within eSports. He has a bachelor’s degree in exercise & movement science from Missouri State University and he is a certified exercise physiologist and a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine.

Free Training Service


Initial and final assessments to measure fitness and performance metrics such as reaction time, precision, and speed.


Individualized exercise program designed to improve your mental and physical endurance, reflexes, posture, and longevity.


Sports nutrition recommendations and tips to help you eat like a pro for improved mental and physical performance.


Coaching advice on how to effectively reach your performance and gaming goals along with a helpful support system.

Start Today

A free consultation and initial assessment is done through email and is designed to gather information for the pro training service. This will help in designing a program for players and teams to reach their performance, fitness, and health goals.

Start training like a pro today and take your game to the next level.


The Training Room By Acer Predator

To be the best, you must train with the best. Enter Predator Training Room—where elite gamers are forged. This is your ultimate hub for mental, physical, and strategic insights from top esports trainers and sports psychologists.

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